California Children's Services Department of Public Health
How to Apply

You or your child’s doctor can make a referral to the CCS program. CCS will ask you to complete an application and provide financial information. For more information on how to obtain an application, please call 951-358-5401 or 1-866-735-4CCS (1-866-735-4227). CCS will also need medical reports from your child’s provider in order to determine eligibility. You will be asked to apply for Medi-Cal if it appears that your family’s income qualifies for Medi-Cal. You may be required to pay fees to participate in the CCS program if you do not have full scope Medi-Cal or Healthy Families. The CCS Staff will let you know the fee amounts depending on your family’s income.

Once a child is determined eligible for CCS, a case is opened and CCS will authorize treatment and other services by CCS approved specialists to treat the eligible condition.